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Small Square Basket

Small Square Basket

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  • Handmade in Cambodia from a fast growing reed grass called “la peuk.” This particular grass grows through out Cambodia. Because we believe in sustainable harvest, we leave enough of the natural grass to ensure it’s return the following year, but also take enough to help manage the land it’s growing on.

  • Member of the Fair Trade Organization.
  • The raw materials are all organic, free of pesticides and herbicides. None of BOC raw materials are subject to artificial irrigation instead, they depend completely on the seasonal rains. The dyes that we use on our products are certified non-toxic dyes by the European Union. We are continuing to strive to make our dues 100% natural, while also ensuring the quality of the dye.

  • Company offers their workers a healthcare safety net program, yearly dividends, and schooling options in varying degrees depending on the level of participation at the company.  Strong emphasis on building skill and talent fostering a high self esteem in their employees.