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Natural Wax Candles from London
Natural Wax Candles from London
Natural Wax Candles from London
Natural Wax Candles from London

Natural Wax Candles from London

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Proudly poured in England, our candles are crafted responsibly with locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging. Inspired by an everlasting curiosity and respect for the natural world, each candle is expertly hand-poured using vegan rapeseed wax, encased in a recyclable and reusable black glass jar. Our scents are informed by the world that surrounds us, from the soil to the stars, the tides to the trees.

Each accord has been elegantly imagined using toxin-free perfumes and wildcrafted essential oils – a marriage of notes inspired by the seasons and the skies

Weight: 300g
Burn time: 60 hours
Wax: Vegan rapeseed


Candle Care


    • Always burn your candle for at least 3 hours to allow the melt pool to reach all edges of the candle.
    • Remember to remove the tip of the wick in between each burn, ensuring that it isn’t longer than 5mm.
    • Avoid placing your candle in a draughty area whilst lit as this will cause it to burn quicker.
    • Make sure you don’t burn your candle for longer than 4-5 hours at a time.
    • Try to avoid blowing out your candle. Instead, invest in a candle snuffer to help reduce smoke.
    • For more helpful information on how to look after your candles, take a look at our Burn Tips
  • Scents:


  • Venus - Top: gardenia, lemon, orange blossom
    Heart: ylang ylang, tuberose, rose, carnation, jasmine
    Base: clove leaf, cedarwood

  • Grove - Top: pine needle, eucalyptus, orange
  • Heart: silver fir
  • Base: cedarwood, guaiacwood, moss


    Moon - Top: rose petals
    Heart: saffron, violet leaf
    Base: sage, patchouli, cedarwood, cade

    North - Top: black pepper, cinnamon
    Heart: rose absolute, thyme
    Base: oud, leather, tobacco, cedar, vetiver, patchouli